Good Books To Read

Killer Germs.  Microbes and Diseases that Threaten Humanity  Barry E. Zimmerman and David J. Zimmernam  (2003)  ISBN 0-07-140926-2

The Killers Within.  The Deadly Rise of Drug-Resistant Bacteria  Michael Shnayerson and Mark J. Plotkin (2002)  ISBN 0-316-73566-3

The Andromeda Strain.  Michael Crichton (science fiction thriller novel)

Cruel and Unusual.  Patricia Cornwell (medical science thriller)

New Guinea Tapeworms and Jewish Grandmothers--Tales of Parasites and People.  Robert S. Desowitz (1981) ISBN 0-393-30426-4

                            Other books by Robert Desowitz

                                    A thorn in the Starfish--The Immune System and How it Works

                                    The Malaria Capers--More Tales of Parasites and People, Research and Reality

                                    Who Gave Pinta to the Santa Maria--Tropical Diseases in a Temperate Climate

Disease.  Joyce Filer (1995) ISBN 0-292-72498-5

Parasite Rex--Inside the Bizarre World of Nature's Most Dangerous Creatures. (2000)  ISBN 978-0-7432-0011-0

Hot Zone--A Terrifying True Story.  Richard Preston (1999)  ISBN 0-385-47956-5