BSM 340 Microbiology for Majors



Introduction to Microbiology

History of Microbiology

Microbial Cell Ultrastructure and Function

Standard Growth Conditions and Measurement of Growth

Unusual Growth Conditions/How's a Bug to Survive?

Basic Microbial Metabolism

            The electron transport movie

Microbial Metabolism--Mechanisms for Procuring Energy


Microbial Genetics

A brief discourse on gene expression

Exchange of Genetic Material

Microbial Growth Control

Immunology:  All you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

Two relevant eukaryotic viruses

Staph and Strept notes



Isolation of Individual Bacterial Colonies

Simple Stains and Differential Stains

The Endospore Stain

Use of the Compound-Brightfield Microscope

Media Classification and Bacterial Nutritional Requirements

Enumeration of bacteria

Bacterial Catalase and Cytochrome oxidase tests

The Effects of Oxygen Levels on Bacterial Growth

Carbohydrate metabolism

Protein Utilization in Bacteria

The Final Problem: Isolation and Characterization of two Unknown Bacteria




Handouts:  Make certain that you go to Fant Library to check out closed reserve items as discussed in class.

Homework Assignment 1:  Enumeration of bacteria.

Research paper:  Cucumber as a model for Koch's Postulates for the Microbial Cause of Disease

Homework Assignment 2:  Identification of Two Unknown Bacteria in a Population

Table of unknown bacterial characteristics!!!