The earliest Inges apparently came to America from England in about 1653.  Most of these immigrants were likely to have been indentured servants who received 50 acres of land from the English Crown after completing their service.  Michael and Vincent were the earliest for whom there are property records in King William and other counties inVirginia.
     George Jennings Inge was born in Virginia and married there in 1806 in Pittsylvania County.  His first three sons (Chesley, James, Braxton) and three daughters all migrated west to Franklin County, Missouri, with or before their father who died there.
    James Nashville Inge (1818-1880) purchased businesses in Newton (now Jasper) County and in Neosha around 1840.  He owned a general store and was postmaster in Virginia Mines in Franklin County in 1855, then postmaster in St. Clair from 1859 to 1874.  He married Mary E. Hibbard, daughter of one of the large landowners of the area.  The Inges apparently brought slaves with them from Virginia and some were listed in the 1860 census.  Slave descendants took the Inge name and many still live in the area of Robertsville, Missouri.
     Chesley B. Inge (1807-1869) was postmaster of Virginia Mines from 1843 to 1849.
     Braxton J. Inge was founder and served as postmaster of Traveler's Repose (later St. Clair) from 1849 to 1859, not far from Virginia Mines in Franklin County.

Descent:  Vincent Inge (Abt 1725-Abt 1775) m. Sarah Burras
                  James Inge (-1824) m. ?
                    George Jennings Inge (1780-1847) m. Mary Holland
                      Braxton J. Inge m. Mariam C. Brickey (1814-1858)
                        Eliza Olive Inge (1835-1917) m. Matthew Marshall Young (1828-1876)
                          Matthew John Young (1854-1908) m. Ann Elizabeth Barnes (1852-1938)
                             Caroline Camila Young (1882-1971) m. Irvine Hite Skinker (1877-1961)


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